Oct 3 2018 9:00 PM
Otay Allies
San Diego, California

Dear _____ and _____,

First of all I would like to say thank you so much from my heart
for your help me a lot. I am sorry _____ I did not understand
your Spanish writing but ___ was wrote by English & I do under-
stand how much you are thinking for me. Thank you.

Lisa today I have tall you something but I am sorry to tall
this new news. On September 24 I was received one mail came
from Appeal board BIA. The News was my appeal application answer
so I don’t have any good news Appeal board had denied my ase
again & said me to back to your home country.

So I do not know what I will do. I have already decided to sign
deportation to Eritrea because I don’t have another choice I
was asked appeal but they denied me. I been more than 1 year
but no one doesn’t think about that. If I ask appeal again the
result it will comes from federal after 1 year 6 months it takes
time & if after that say deny what I will be. Even I can’t
go out from here until I finish my case. I don’t want be
prison, if they sent me back I will go to Eritrea but you know
I don’t have any futuer by Eritrea.

Let me I will tall you if I go back to Eritrea what is my
chance. Eritrean Government & Military they will send me prison
how long they will aresset me I don’t know, then they will ask me
about my mother then they will hurt me. after that they will
send me military service. then they will teach me how to be
killer & how to use gun. Without this they will never teach me
any good thing. Then by last they will kill me.

But me You KNow I don’t want be killer & Dectator Eritrea govern-
ment Military. & also I don’t want stop close to to my father murder
Eritrea Military, but what I will do the rule is rule I can’t
change it just I want say only thank you, but you know what
I was dreamt if I get United State one day I will be enginor.
This dreamt was my whole life because since I was 12 years old
was started thought. this was my future place but what I will
do nothing. Please Pray for me. thank you Your _____

Learn about the Eritrean conscription refugee crisis here.

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